Chemo Compound


A cure comes with a recurrence. An ability comes with responsibility. Responsibility is convoluted.

In a world where secrets and abilities collide, Brady is about to face a life-altering storm of chaos and consequences.

When the media gets wind of his extraordinary power, the walls of anonymity crumble. With his heart pounding and his nerves frayed, the line between right and wrong blurs as he grapples with the weight of his newfound ability.

After learning his cancer is back, Brady’s only hope lies in his enemy’s son, rumored to hold the key to a cure.

In this electrifying tale of power, consequence, and moral quandary, Brady’s journey propels him from the shadows into a turbulent world on the brink of transformation. The question remains: in a changing world, who will emerge as the beacon of hope, and who will be consumed by the storm?