Chemo COntainment


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A life-changing diagnosis. A mysterious new ability. An expensive price for living.

Brady Trammell’s life is changed forever after learning he is diagnosed with cancer. His perseverance and light-hearted humor gets him to his last day of chemo. A day of celebration. A day of triumph. A day that would make his former life unrecognizable.

Shortly after the conclusion of chemo, he begins to experience moments of anxiety that lead to the display of a unique ability – the ability to control electricity. He believes this new power is linked to the chemo given for treatment. But why?

A mysterious woman has been following him since he left the hospital and soon an unknown man is on his tail as well.

Brady must go on a perilous journey to discover the origins of his unique ability, all while avoiding those who seem keenly interested in his new-found power.

While Brady was thrilled to be in remission, no one told him about the expensive price he’d have to pay for living.

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